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Is Church Attendance Critical to Our Children’s Health?

Despite the wrestling over what many argue was an egregious government intrusion on religious liberties during COVID-19, even post-pandemic, American churches are still experiencing the lowest attendance rates ever seen in our nation’s history. This lack of church involvement has had a significant impact on public welfare.

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Elise Thomason: Rising to the Occasion

I have had the opportunity to be a part of multiple sports teams and have learned that it is through trials and failures that we learn discipline, perseverance, and how to overcome obstacles to accomplish goals. I have faced many challenges, setbacks, and failures in both the athletic and academic realms. Looking back, one experience had a profound impact on my life and my character.

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Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Skertic, Class of 2005

A single journey has the power to ignite a passion that lasts a lifetime. For me, that transformative spark was lit during the Stonebridge senior trip, an experience that not only opened my eyes to the wonders of the world but also instilled in me a profound wanderlust that has guided my life for over two decades.

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Alumni Spotlight: Sara Garth Gainor, Class of 2010

She’s the first person potential students and families talk to as they explore enrolling at StoneBridge. With vigor and an energetic passion for the school’s mission, Sara Gainor, SBS Class of 2010, who is also an SBS parent, is perfect for the job.

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WE THE PEOPLE! Constitution Day 2023

It’s an annual tradition! Every year in September, the 5th grade class hosts a special Lower School chapel reenacting the signing of the U.S. Constitution. It’s a living testament to God’s faithfulness and the biblical principles embedded in our country’s founding documents.

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