SBS 40th Anniversary Gala a Milestone Moment in StoneBridge School’s Story!!

StoneBridge School’s 40th Anniversary Gala celebration went off without a hitch, Saturday, May 15, as author and speaker Pam Tebow praised the school for continuing to offer an exceptional Bible-centered education that produces students well-equipped to change our nation and impact the culture.

Since 1980, StoneBridge School has championed a solid academic K-12 education based on biblical principles at the core of every subject. The gala celebration, held at Hilton Norfolk The Main, marked 40 years of partnering with families to raise up Nation Changers equipped to impact their world.

“There is only one Book to base our life after, to base our education from. Thank you for doing that at StoneBridge School. I have never known of another school that gives such authority to God’s Word in the lives of the teachers and the lives of the students,” Tebow said. “Students need the heart-gripping, life-shaping words of the Bible to develop a deep, lasting, culture-transforming faith. The students of Stonebridge have this kind of faith.”

Tebow said she and her husband chose to homeschool their five children, including Tim Tebow of NFL fame and Heisman trophy winner, in part because most of the educational options available to them at the time did not offer a curriculum truly centered on the Bible.
She had wanted to educate their children to love God, to serve Him, and to have the courage to stand alone for what is right even when it’s hard. She even adopted the same Principle Approach® curriculum the school embraces, unaware at the time that StoneBridge even existed.

Speaker and Author Pam Tebow addresses Gala attendees.

City of Chesapeake’s Recognition

It’s that curriculum–The Principle Approach–that has enabled StoneBridge to remain the gold standard for imparting a different kind of Christian education—one that places the Bible at the center of every subject. Founded in 1980 by John and Carole Adams, the school currently has 393 students in preschool-12th grade and 500 alumni. Graduates have gone on to attain degrees from more than 50 different top colleges and universities.

In addition to Tebow’s remarks, the City of Chesapeake recognized the school for its accomplishments and example to the community.

“StoneBridge School serves as a gateway to opportunities inspiring students to be the best version of themselves and equipping them with the tools to thrive. Your halls of learning have instilled in our next generation the fundamental belief that with hard work nothing is beyond reach,” Mayor Dr. Richard W. West stated in a formal certificate of recognition read during the celebration.


SBS Alumna Kara Bonvillian

Honoring the Past and Building the Future

A standout moment for the evening occurred when alumna Kara Bonvillian shared how her StoneBridge education and experience prepared her for the greatest storm of her life when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 21.

“The years I spent at StoneBridge–6 years old to 18 years old–they were defining years. I didn’t graduate with just a Principle Approach education, but a principle approach to life. StoneBridge laid the biblical foundation that I will rely on for the rest of my years because there will be more storms. There will be more mountains to climb. But the point of my life isn’t to feel comfortable or accomplish my dreams, but to surrender to His will,” she stated.

During the celebration, Mrs. Martha Shirley and Mrs. Sheree Beale were also honored for 40 years of faithful service, and Board member Greg S. Lee was awarded StoneBridge’s Statesman Award for outstanding leadership and exceptional service in promoting the school’s mission. Lee is the president and chief financial officer of Seaward Marine Services in Norfolk. He joined the StoneBridge School Board of Directors in 2001 and served as Chairman of the Board from 2008 to 2013. He currently serves as the Board Treasurer.

“It has been my great privilege to serve with Greg Lee for over 15 years. His love for the Lord and commitment to StoneBridge School are evident in his excellent, yet humble service,” Eric Plumlee, SBS Board Chair and master of ceremonies for the night, said. The 40th Anniversary Gala event also gave attendees a chance to give toward StoneBridge’s Building the Future campaign to raise funds for the first phase of a $2.5 million, 10-classroom Upper School building on campus. The school has already made significant progress toward that goal.

Read more about the Building the Future Campaign and consider how you can be a part of continuing to equip our students to be Nation Changers.