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40+ Years Of Equipping Nation Changers For Christ

Highest biblical worldview test results in the nation

SAT scores consistently higher than national average

99% College Attendance Rate Of Graduating Seniors

Dedicated tenured teachers, with 100% accredited through ACSI.

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Cultivating Eternal Excellence through a Biblical Worldview

StoneBridge is a classical Christian school dedicated to equipping students who can change the character of our nation. We partner with Christian families, empowering students to reach the fullest expression of their value in Christ.

There is no greater joy than seeing your children walk in the Truth. Yet, finding a school that reflects your home values can be challenging amid shifting educational landscapes that can make you feel isolated and concerned about the spiritual well-being and academic environment your child will grow up in.

We believe in holistic education that promotes academic excellence with a biblical worldview. StoneBridge education and approach rests firmly on God’s Word ensuring His truths shape the heart and mind of every student.

We are a community of Christian families who share a commitment to Biblical-entered education. Our expectation as a Christian school is that every home joined in partnership with us is a Christian home, and that at least one parent attends a local church.


In a world of change, StoneBridge stands firmly on God’s promises. Here, your child will grow academically and spiritually, forming character that aligns with the heart of God.


Discerning Christian parents want rigorous academics with steadfast biblical principles. With more than 40 years of legacy, a 99% college attendance rate, and the nation’s top biblical worldview scores, our curriculum is deeply rooted in Scripture. Children are nurtured to realize their full value in Christ and are prepared for whatever God may call them to do beyond graduation.


From the earliest grades, StoneBridge students are taught they have eternal value and individual purpose in Christ. Restoring the character of the nation happens when students are grounded in the belief that God has uniquely designed them for such a time as this. StoneBridge seeks to help parents prepare future leaders who will serve their communities and places of influence in a spirit of love and self-sacrifice. They are equipped to lead his or her own generation by example as a representatives of Christ.


Give your child the opportunity to reach their fullest expression of their value in Christ through a StoneBridge School education. Setting them on a path of success both academically and spiritually.

StoneBridge students graduate well-prepared to pursue God’s unique calling on their lives, to lead with courage and wisdom, and to engage pressing cultural issues from a solidly Biblical perspective.

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Our faculty and staff are thoroughly immersed in their subject areas and dedication to Christ, thereby becoming “living textbooks” from which each student gleans invaluable wisdom and understanding. Our teachers have a combined tenure of 10 years with more than 40% completing the SBS-specific Master Teachers professional development program.


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It takes more than tuition to offer a first-rate educational experience for every child. The incredible generosity from our donors allows us to sustain our mission to empower future Christian leaders for Kingdom impact. Generous donors have enabled us to equip our teachers to fulfill their God-given calling, purchase the current campus, optimize our learning spaces, and keep our school in a solid financial position to further make Nation Changers.

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We have a multi-step admissions process to produce the best partnership between prospective families and the school.  All applicants Preschool through 12th grade require a pastoral reference from a local church to ensure there is the foundation of faith being supported at home.  We then require teacher references for our Early Education program if the student has not been in school before or students who have been homeschooled, a Sunday school teacher or coach will suffice.  Middle School students must have two teacher references, Math and English. High School students produce six references in total: three teacher, family pastor and student pastor, and then a character reference. 

Once we have received the application and references, we also request a complete copy of a student’s scholastic record.  Once the record is received the application is reviewed thoroughly by the admissions team

After review, we determine if a student moves on to entrance testing.  This allows SBS to assess the capabilities of students’ reading and math comprehension, oral processing and vocabulary skills, and penmanship/writing skills directly.

Following testing, we complete the admissions process with a parent interview, and student interview for students applying for grades 8-12. Our principals meet with families one on one and provide deeper explanation about our philosophy and methodology while reviewing testing results.  Enrollment offer is determined after parent interview.

We offer a multi-child discount for the third child at 35% off, and a family cap if a family has more than 3 students.  

A 50% pastoral discount on tuition is offered to families that minister at a local church with a presiding board. 

We have two financial aid options for families. These are need-based scholarships to provide options for families with like-minded values and vision for their children’s education. The Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF) is one specific scholarship that families moving from out of state or that are transitioning from public school can look to qualify for. 


The curriculum at StoneBridge is bibliocentric, meaning the foundation of all subjects we teach is found in the Bible. We incorporate biblical principles and scripture throughout the year in all facets of learning to show our students that God is present and instrumental in all we learn and do.

Students will have dedicated Bible instruction built into their curriculum from Preschool to 12th grade

All students have dedicated chapel time on Thursdays with worship and a message shared. We have separate chapels for Preschool-Kindergarten, 1st-5th, and 6th-12th

Our core values at StoneBridge rest in our Statement of Faith and Ethos Statement.

Our Statement of Faith shares with prospective families what we believe and why we believe this.

Our Ethos statement lays the foundation for families of the atmosphere and fundamental character we are promoting and instilling at the school. It sets the standard of excellence of students, parents, and staff.

We have a plethora of opportunities for parents to engage and volunteer with our school community.  Events ranging from classroom specific to school wide, as well as having an open chapel where parents can attend chapel with their children.  Having parents plugged in supporting the events and overall daily running of the school allows the teachers and staff to focus on instruction and character building.

We have several sports opportunities for students starting at the JJV level, and for elementary students we have Junior League. Junior League is designed to develop foundational skills within select sports (e.g. basketball). In the fall and spring we also have club opportunities. These are rotated and sometimes only offered seasonally after school. We also offer drama, band, and choir opportunities for middle and high school students throughout the year.

You can request a visit here or call our Admissions Director at 757-488-2214


15-1 ratio

JJV –  Boys/Birls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys/Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, Baseball, Softball

JV – Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys/Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Track

Varsity – Golf, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys/Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Track

Hybrid JV/V – Soccer, Baseball, Softball

StoneBridge focuses on internal character formation from a Biblical worldview.  We focus on forming the internal character distinctives (our thoughts, where our foundation lies) as that will influence and affect our actions, motivations, and words towards others.  By teaching and instilling principles in children that provide them the tools to govern themselves, they are then able to focus on growing in their learning and understanding of scripture and academics.

Ranges from 12-18 students per class, depending on the grade level and course.


We have tiered levels of academic support we can offer

If a student has a diagnosed learning disability, we can write an accommodations plan for classroom learning and test-taking.  

Second tier is hands on support with weekly homework tracking, pull out service for testing, study skill development

Third tier is replacement courses for math or literacy tailored to the students needs.  

Fourth tier is educational therapy within our Riverview Learning Center. This strengthens the underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating the symptoms.

We serve students as young as three years old who are potty trained through 12th grade. These include Pre-school (3-5 years old), Kindergarten, Lower School (6th-8th grade), and Upper School (9th to 12th grade).