StoneBridge School

StoneBridge is a classical Christian school that partners with Christian families, ensuring students realize the fullest expression of their value in Christ. For more than 40 years, we have consistently developed Christian leaders and discipled Christian thinkers who carry the Gospel into all areas of life to bring lasting change to individuals, communities, our nation, and the world.



A Biblicaly Centered Education





There is no greater joy than seeing your children walk in the Truth. Yet, finding a school that reflects your home values can be challenging amid shifting educational landscapes that can make you feel isolated and concerned about the spiritual well-being and academic environment your child will grow up in.

We believe in holistic education that promotes academic excellence with a biblical worldview. StoneBridge education and approach rests firmly on God’s Word ensuring His truths shape the heart and mind of every student.

We are a community of Christian families who share a commitment to Biblical-centered education. Our expectation as a Christian school is that every home joined in partnership with us is a Christian home, and that at least one parent attends a local church.

SBS Head of School Noel Thomason discusses the real costs of the “free education” with Colleen Dick from The Word In Praise (89.1FM) LISTEN HERE.

Faith & Ethos

Education Rooted in Truth


StoneBridge cultivates authentic Christian faith and character in the heart of every student while preparing them for success in all areas of life. StoneBridge graduates are equipped to lead with conviction, prepared to engage their culture, and empowered to impact their world for Christ.

We are a community of Christian families who share a commitment to Biblical, classical education and academic excellence. As an independent Christian school, we are not affiliated with any church or denomination, but we expect that at least one parent attends a local church. This partnership allows us to further each student’s spiritual growth and empowers them to lead with Christ-like character within their communities.

Key To Our Success


StoneBridge consistently graduates students who have been trained to think and reason biblically and to lead with Christian character. Our alumni serve in all spheres of life today, making a Kingdom Impact wherever God places them. The key to our success is the invaluable 3-legged partnership made between parents, their local church, and the school.


our mission



StoneBridge School is established to restore the Christian character of the Republic. Our school board, faculty, staff, parents, and students all share in equipping nation changers through the three key objectives of our mission.


Forming Christian Character

Equipping Academic Scholars

Empowering Servant Leaders

Forming Christian Character


In a world of change, StoneBridge stands firmly on the unchanging nature and character of Christ. Here, students grow deep roots spiritually, forming an internal character that aligns with the heart of God and the biblical principles found in His Word. This internal character is then reflected in their external actions–in how they study, how they lead, how they serve their communities, and how they communicate biblical principles in a culture that stands against them. Learn more about the spiritual life in the lower school and spiritual formation in the upper school.

Equipping Academic Scholars


Discerning Christian parents want rigorous academics with steadfast biblical principles. With more than 40 years of legacy, a 99% college attendance rate, and the nation’s top biblical worldview scores, our curriculum is deeply rooted in Scripture. Children are nurtured to realize their full value in Christ and are prepared for whatever God may call them to do beyond graduation.

Empowering Servant Leaders


From the earliest grades, StoneBridge students are taught they have eternal value and individual purpose in Christ. Restoring the character of the nation happens when students are grounded in the belief that God has uniquely designed them for such a time as this. StoneBridge seeks to help parents prepare future leaders who will serve their communities and places of influence in a spirit of love and self-sacrifice. They are equipped to lead his or her own generation by example as representatives of Christ.

Empowering students



Our biblically principled philosophy and method enable students to develop a deep understanding of their value in Christ and how God’s Word relates to every aspect of life and liberty. Our program:

Forges COMMUNICATORS who write persuasively and speak effectively;

Trains CRITICAL THINKERS who reason using Biblical principles;

Encourages COLLABORATION to prepare students to work and serve in the community; 

Inspires CREATIVITY that reflects the unique giftings of every child; and

Forms CHRISTIAN CHARACTER that reflects the heart of God.

"A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have the opportunity to lead nations to Christ."


Rosalie Slater, Co-author

Teaching and Learning America's Christian History

Parent and Student Testimonials

Voices of Our Community



The StoneBridge Story

It all started as a one-year adventure in education by a group of mothers seeking a different kind of Christian education for their children–one that would place God’s Word at the center of each subject and enable each child to reach the fullest expression of their value in Christ. 

In 1980, our founder, Dr. Carole Adams, and four teachers formed a vision of a school that would educate the heart of each child using the Principle Approach® educational philosophy and methodology. They began with 31 students in grades 1 through 10 in the basement of Dr. Adams’ home. They taught history, geography, literature, English, mathematics, science, reading, and art, all through the lens of scripture and biblical principles. Three months after its inception, Stonebridge School moved out of Dr. Adams’ basement into a church in Portsmouth.

That one-year homeschooling experiment launched what is now StoneBridge School. The school continued to grow through the 1990s and 2000s as more Tidewater families sought to educate their children through the Principle Approach® method. In 1991, the board of directors formed the Upper School and a decade later consolidated both lower and upper schools onto one campus on Jolliff Road–now the Home of the Cavaliers.

Today, Dr. Adam’s “one-year adventure in education” has morphed into a 500-member student body in grades preschool through 12th grade, fulfilling the mission to restore the Christian character of the nation–one student at a time.


Our graduates



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Campus and Facilities

Our Learning Environment


StoneBridge School is located in Chesapeake, Virginia, in the heart of Western Branch. Our campus on Jolliff Road is home to both the Upper and Lower School, with a maximum student body of nearly 500 in grades preschool through 12th grade. Since 2015, community-led giving has allowed us to optimize our campus facilities and educational environment to reflect the excellence of our program and learning community. The capstone project in this effort–a 10-classroom, 2-story Upper School building–is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2024.

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Let’s equip and empower your child today. See them reach their fullest expression of value in Christ through a StoneBridge School Education.



How long has StoneBridge been in operation?

StoneBridge has been in operation since 1980. It was founded as a “homeschool experiment,” leading quickly to a full-fledged school. Learn more about our story.
99% of our students continue their education in college, entering prestigious universities like the University of Virginia, U.S. Naval Academy, Duke University, and more. For a fuller list of college acceptances, go to college prep

It’s about a 15 to 1 ratio.

The majority of learning and note-taking at StoneBridge focuses on pen-to-paper writing to have a tangible record of learning. We offer elective computer courses starting in 3rd grade to provide basic computer and typing skills, leading to coding and computer science as they enter Middle and High School. Students can borrow Chromebooks the school has available as long as it is used strictly for projects assigned by teachers. Students must have express permission to utilize computers in the classroom. 

We serve students as young as three years old who are potty trained through 12th grade. These include Pre-school (3-5 years old), Kindergarten, Lower School (6th-8th grade), and Upper School (9th to 12th grade).

Parent partnership is foundational to a student’s educational journey at StoneBridge. For this reason, we understand that regular communication is key to the strength of that partnership between teachers, parents, and the administration. In addition to frequent and consistent communication from teachers, FACTS Family Portal is used to share weekly lesson plans, post grades and progress, and make other notes regarding your student. Teachers also hold parent-teacher conferences every Fall to discuss your student’s strengths and/or areas of needed improvement, in addition to offering an opportunity to address any concerns you or the teacher may have about your student’s progress. Teachers are also available by appointment, if necessary, outside of routine communications to discuss any additional concerns you may have.


At StoneBridge, children are nurtured in heart and mind to realize their full value in Christ by teachers and mentors who genuinely love the Lord and their students. Families seeking an education that reinforces the beliefs and values modeled in the home will find a safe community at StoneBridge committed to helping them raise up their children “in the way they should go.” (Proverbs 22:6). We also have measures in place to secure the physical safety of each child on campus. For more questions about campus security, please contact our Director of Admissions.

The Principle Approach® philosophy and method of education “produces Christian character and self-government, Christian scholarship and Biblical reasoning for lifelong learning and discipleship.” This biblically principled teaching is the same method and philosophy that shaped the leaders of our Nation’s founding. The Principle Approach® enables us to be more effective in our unique mission because our students develop a deep understanding of their value in Christ and the way God’s Word relates to every aspect of life and liberty. This philosophy of education:

  • Embraces America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning
  • Makes the Truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject
  • Restores the 4 R’s to teaching and learning
  • (Research, Reason, Relate and Record) through various ways.
  • Constitutes a holistic approach by demonstrating a unity of principles with a diversity of subjects on all grade levels
  • Plants the seeds of all knowledge by identifying subjects by principles.

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