Riverview Learning Center

Riverview Learning Center is an academic learning center at StoneBridge School that focuses on serving students who learn differently or who need extra support beyond the classroom. We offer varying levels of support, K-12, germane to students’ needs. Potential students are those who exhibit consistent low school performance, such as poor spelling, illegible handwriting, difficulty expressing thoughts in writing, or difficulty with reading or mathematics.
At Stonebridge School we believe in the Biblical Principle of Individuality that states: “Everything in God’s universe reveals His infinity and diversity. Each person is a unique creation of God, designed to express the nature of Christ individually in society.” Because of this, we want to work with parents and teachers as a team to understand and support each student. We offer the following level of services on a case-by-case basis: 

  • Accommodations Plans (K-12)
  • Reading Intervention (K-5)
  • Math Intervention (K-5)
  • Literacy Replacement Course (1st -5th)
  • Math Replacement Course (1st -5th)
  • RLC Academic Support & Study Hall
  • English Replacement Course (Upper School)
  • Math Replacement Course (Upper School)
  • After School Tutoring (K-12)

We also offer NILD Educational Therapy (2nd-12th). We have two licensed NILD Educational Therapists on staff whose focus is to build efficient learning processes in students through techniques that stimulate each student’s area of weakness in perception, language, cognition, emotions, and academics. 


For more information on each area at Riverview Learning Center, call (757) 488-2214, or contact Mrs. Edith Scott at