Fine Arts

Fine and Performing Arts

StoneBridge School’s Fine and Performing Arts programs are uniquely poised to both tutor and inspire the student to reach the fullest expression of his or her value in Christ. The study of music, art, and drama from a Principle Approach® not only elevates the purposes and intent of the Creator but it also serves to satisfy the soul’s need to express these truths to the praise and glory of God.

Fine Arts



Beauty is a moral teacher. God fashioned us this way! Unless we intentionally nurture young hearts and minds with beauty and truth, we accept for them the standards and values of our current pop culture—a daily barrage of the crass, the vulgar, the desperate. The purposes of the fine arts are to cultivate our aesthetic tastes and to help us see, feel, and appreciate the poetic joy of discovering beauty wherever it may be found.


Our Fine and Performing Arts programs truly instill the idea in each student, ex veritate Dei, pulchritude, “from God’s truth, beauty.”


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