Alumni Spotlight: Tess Parroco Fike, Class of 2015

In her occupation as a video producer and editor, 2015 StoneBridge graduate Tess Parroco Fike is blessed to work with family and co-workers who are believers. A core focus of the Parroco Production Group is to make sure their clients feel valued and cherished.

“Ultimately, our goal is to show them the love of Jesus by the way we treat them as clients with our intentionality and service,” Tess said.

During her years at StoneBridge – from kindergarten through 12th grade, Tess received a firm biblical foundation to be able to show that love.

“StoneBridge gave me a foundation of critical thinking in my worldview that I know impacted how I perceive life and how I make decisions,” she said. “That’s developed even more as a young adult and throughout college, but it started when I was at StoneBridge. It gave me a solid starting point in my faith and gave me the confidence to go into college and my young adult life knowing that I had a biblical outlook on life.”

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Tess and her husband, Nick Fike.

Tess played volleyball during her years in the Upper School. She treasures the amazing memories she made from that experience.

“I was part of a group that experienced the growth into what the program is today; it was really cool to be a part of that,” she said. “It was a big deal when we won conference three years in a row and it was a huge deal when we finally made it to states.”

Tess fondly recalls some of her favorite highlights from her years at StoneBridge, including the Upper School retreats and her senior trip.

“It was always something I looked forward to; it was a great way to start off the year,” she said of the retreats. “My class’s senior trip to Europe was incredible. Mr. Garrett and Mr. Thomason were the OGs!”

While she cherishes those memories, she also values the organizational, discipline and critical thinking skills her teachers and mentors instilled in her.

“I truly believe those are things not many people have the opportunity to have as their educational (and life) foundation,” she said. “Everyone’s experiences are different in college, but for me, college was a breeze because of the work I had already done in high school. In a sense, it was easier.”

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Tess and her husband, Nick Fike.

After high school, Tess graduated from Liberty University with a degree in digital marketing and advertising in 2018. In her job with Parroco, she is responsible for video production logistics and coordination, including everything from script writing, vision planning, on-site direction, and overseeing production from start to finish, including all aspects of post-production editing. She also has a side business as a wedding and portrait photographer, and does quite a few SBS senior sessions every year.

As she prepares to speak at the upcoming Alumni Chapel in January 2023, she offered some words of wisdom for current seniors.

“Sometimes going to a private Christian school can make you feel like you’re in a bubble; instead of seeing that as a negative thing, use that to your advantage,” she said. “The years you spend at StoneBridge have truly laid a foundation for how you’ll make decisions and who you’ll choose to surround yourself with when you graduate, whether you realize it or not.”

She further encouraged students to embrace and grow in the faith that has been imparted to them through StoneBridge.

“Following and loving Jesus is going to be the best thing you’ll ever do with your life,” she said. “Listen to the Holy Spirit and make all your decisions in alignment with the Word of God. The Lord is always championing you.”

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Tess and Nick Fike welcomed Elnora “Elle” Fike in October.

Tess and her husband, Nick Fike, recently welcomed their new little one, Elnora “Elle” Fike, who was born the end of October. They attend Big House Church in Norfolk and are actively involved in serving on the worship team.

“Worship is a huge passion in my life and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue pursuing that as ministry,” she said.

Tess is our featured speaker for this year’s Alumni Chapel, January 5, 2023.