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Andy Crouch: Raising the Next Generation of Culture Makers

StoneBridge’s mission and vision’s effectiveness from a cultural impact point of view requires shifting from a mere consumption mindset to one of active contribution. The process of discipling students begins with the presupposition that as Christians, we are to become cultivators, active creators in God’s world.

This idea is championed by author and speaker Andy Crouch, in his book Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling. In a book review, writer David Gill writes, “Crouch says that his purpose is to point Christians toward a better way of understanding their calling in culture. “What does it mean to be not just culturally aware but culturally responsible? Not just culture consumers or even just culture critics, but culture makers?”

Crouch has talked about these ideas extensively in the years since he first published this book. Watch him talk more about culture making in this video recorded at Biola University, “Andy Crouch: Culture Making: The Good News in a Changing World (Part 1).