Dominic Morisi, SBS Class of 2024

Dominic Morisi: One Day or Day One?

By Dominic Morisi, SBS Class of 2024
College Entrance Essay

“One day or day one?” This question is a double-edged sword which asks you to choose between procrastination and perseverance–a question that holds significant meaning and demonstrates a pivotal choice we all face. There is a difference between those eager to take action and those who opt to remain comfortable. Each route, though important, highlights two very different mindsets and can lead to incredibly different outcomes. This simple question encapsulates a choice we all must make regarding how we will live our lives: Will you take initiative, making today your “day one,” or will you remain hopeful that “one day” things will change? 

Dominic Morisi 1
Spiritual Life Prefect Dominic Morisi shares a few words during Spiritual Emphasis Week 2024.

I used to operate with a “one day” mindset, seeing uncertainty in every element of what lies ahead and experiencing an overwhelming fear of failure regarding my future. I have incredible aspirations, goals, and plans in store; but as I mature I have realized that getting stuck in the “one day” mindset does nothing but hold me back.

The inherent idleness and lethargy that accompany this mindset are the antithesis of creating future success. Waiting for “one day” to come only delays the inevitable, and hinders potential. We may not want this dreaded “day” to come and may be unprepared, unmotivated, or even unwilling participants, but every great success story begins with a “day one.”

The “day one” mindset implies taking action. This way of thinking encourages you to take the scary leap you have so hesitantly been avoiding for days, months, or even years. It is a mindset that encourages and embraces the here and now, and establishes an overwhelming presence of confidence, determination, and drive.

With this “day one” demeanor comes a strong mindset of success and the acceptance of uncertainty which surrenders control. That is where true character formation occurs. As I notice myself embracing a “day one” mindset, I also notice leaps and bounds in my confidence that I once lacked, challenging myself in areas that once would have been avoided, preparing to face adversity and overcome obstacles that lie ahead, and being eager to brave the many more “day ones” that lie ahead.

Dominic Morisi 2
Dominic as “Laurie” in SBS Drama’s “Little Women: The Musical” Spring 2024 Production.

So, how do you take this leap? How can you make this transition? Discipline. To abandon the complacent “one day” mindset and embrace the “day one” way of life, you must have discipline. They say it takes two weeks to build a habit and only two days to break one, which is why consistency and discipline are the driving factors behind a successful mindset.

Easier said than done, right? I am still learning the aforementioned, yet, the shifts I have made, already impacted my life in profound ways that have guided my steps and changed my attitude. Idleness is an epidemic that plagues our society, and making a “one day” excuse has become the go-to. Whether it be work, school, exercise, or anything of the sort, we cannot keep putting off tasks until tomorrow, the next day, or the next time. It is a bold assumption that God will grant us another day.

When a “one day” mindset is shifted to a “day one” lifestyle, inevitable motivation and success are to be gained as a result. Making this shift was a driving factor in my life that has helped me separate success from failure. When I reached the point in my life where I was merely trying to get through each day, I knew something had to change.

The harsh reality was that I was unhappy. This resulted in my grades simply being maintained and my social life to be just decent. All of this changed when I made the decision to shift my mindset. I am no longer going to allow myself to be a complacent passenger in a life full of unhappiness; but rather, I made the changes needed to walk with joy in every circumstance, because each day has the potential to be a “day one.”

Throughout high school, Dominic has been active in drama, sports and various leadership roles, including serving as a spiritual life prefect during his junior and senior year. He has been accepted to Liberty University with plans to enter the U.S. Navy.