High School classmates from StoneBridge School's Upper School program smiling for a group photo.

SBS Seniors Say They Expect to Lead ‘For Such a Time as This’

By Peyton Riddick, SBS Class of 2022

As students who have dealt with the challenges of COVID-19 for the majority of their high school careers, many SBS seniors anxiously await to discover what this year has in store.

Senior year at Stonebridge School definitely offers some amazing highlights for students, ranging from the senior trip to all the senior privileges enjoyed throughout the year. While the Class of 2022 has hope for a normal year despite COVID, they have set their expectations for their last year at StoneBridge on what they can give back to their school community.

Brooke Thompson, who has been attending SBS for seven years, said she expects her class will exhibit true Christian leadership and character.

“We must lead by example and be good role models for the younger grades,” she said.

Seniors want to represent their unified community by setting strong examples in academics, leadership responsibilities, and spiritual growth.

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SBS Class of 2022 on the bus to the Upper School Retreat in Rockbridge, VA, an annual SBS tradition.

Isabel Odewald, who has been at StoneBridge since her sophomore year, shared her views for the senior’s responsibility.

“I would love to see a more connected and unified student body who are diligent about serving the Lord by keeping each other accountable, spreading encouragement, and who are willing to step up and be a part of what God is doing at StoneBridge,” she said.

After the uncertainty over the past two years, the senior class is focused on not only making the most of their final year at StoneBridge, but truly setting an improved standard for the student body once they graduate.

Seniors are mindful of the legacy they will leave behind. The pressure is on for them to make the community proud. Seniors are given plenty of opportunity to set a high standard on campus through leadership positions, such as participating in student government and prefect positions.

Kerri Williams, who has been a StoneBridge student for four years, said that she believes her class will step up to the challenges of the year and lead the school. 

“They expect us to be the example to the younger generation. I believe we truly will step up for such a time as this,” she said. 

The Class of 2022 hopes to fulfill these expectations and create a positive legacy by taking what they have learned from StoneBridge and approach the year with humility and unity to lead and better the school for future students to come.