Students from Stonebridge School with branded apparel on for Spirit Day

Survey Results: SBS Parents Affirm Quality of Christian Education at StoneBridge

Thank you to 118 parents who participated in the spring Parent Survey! Participants represented all grades within the school, which reflected a broad response from our community.

The overall score of responses was 4.29 of 5.0, demonstrating that parents wholeheartedly affirm the quality of Christian education at StoneBridge. Parents gave high marks to the school for its mission priority on Christian character. Teachers were highly praised for teaching biblical principles and helping students think about the world using a biblical worldview.
Parents reported that students feel safe at school, scoring 4.56 of 5.0. Lowest scoring items (ranging between 3.86 to 4.05) identified areas for attention: more communication of student achievement results, how to attract more students, ways to increase teaching effectiveness, and ways to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of students.

Overall, the results were positive and helpful to the administration as we strive continually for improvement in serving our families. Some of the beautiful comments regarding our school’s strengths include:

  • The teachers and curriculum is second to none! Amazing school!
  • Dedication to teaching Christian values and self-governance.
  • The Biblical foundation of StoneBridge School is unmatched.
  • We honestly sleep better at night knowing that our children attend school here.
  • The love and care the teachers have for the students.
  • The family feel of StoneBridge.
  • The academic excellence is by far StoneBridge School’s greatest strength and most attractive quality. Meaningful integration of faith and learning.
  • At SBS, students learn to build authentic friendships and relationships based in Christ.
  • The Christian environment throughout the school. It’s just not the teachers and staff, it is the connection of the students and the parents. Could not have asked for a better school. The school’s mission and values are inherent in every aspect of the curriculum and in operations. From the moment one drives onto the campus, every aspect of the environment, the people, and the activities well reflect the mission of the school.
  • The culture of students here is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better peer group for my children to grow up with. I love the way they reach out to each other with prayer requests and generally support each other. That’s incredibly rare
  • Stonebridge is dedicated to loving, caring for, and teaching each individual student… accepting them for who they are, as they are, striving to help them and showing genuine concern for them and the ones they love.

Comments regarding areas for improvement were varied and far-ranging. Topics that were mentioned most frequently include: facilities upgrade needed, better parking, variety of sports offered, help with student relationships, more diversity in student body and curriculum, dress code enforcement, and technology/Canvas.

To all of you who responded to the survey, thank you again for taking the time to help us become a better school. After such a difficult year of COVID disruptions and online learning, we are encouraged by your thoughtful, constructive, and loving comments that demonstrate how committed you are to our school. It is indeed a privilege to be your partner in the education of your children!