Tate Frost  |  Class of 2023

Frost Tate

Technology consumes culture today. Technological advancement is a very controversial topic in our society. It is essential that Christians approach this issue through a Biblical lens. Since it is impossible to entirely stop the growing use of electronic devices, Christians must remember our ultimate goal in life: to bring more people to Christ. Technology has enhanced our ability to do so if we use it correctly. Therefore, Christians must use technological advancement to our advantage in bringing glory to God. READ FULL THESIS


Jasmine reza  |  Class of 2022

Reza Jasmine

Absent fatherhood is a significant issue in the modern western world. Statistics show that children raised with absent fathers suffer detrimental effects. The solution to this problem is to change society’s viewpoint of the father and to help transition the father back into his proper role. This role can be seen in the Biblical model of a family, a man who is the head of the house spiritually, emotionally and economically; one who leads by example through demonstrating his virtue and patience. We can hopefully begin to prioritize fathers and the family once again. The Church must become increasingly involved through family counseling, and the government needs to remove anti-marriage welfare programs. READ FULL THESIS


Jonathan Stallings  |  Class of 2021

Stallings Jonathan

Many Christians believe it wrong to engage in politics. Some go as far to say that Christians should blindly follow authority, and keep their focus on preaching the Gospel. Though it is true that the primary focus of the Church is to preach the Gospel, Christians must also engage in politics to protect their rights to worship freely and to benefit the nation that they live in. In the increasingly secular society, it is important that Christians vote for candidates who share their values and speak up on political issues. READ FULL THESIS


Hope Frost, Valedictorian  |  Class of 2021

Hope Frost

Transgenderism in athletics is a controversial topic in our nation today. It is essential that Christians approach this issue through a Biblical lens. As God’s people, we must realize that all individuals are loved by God and must be treated with compassion. However, biblically it is evident that love and truth are not effective apart from one another. Therefore, as Christians we must recognize the importance of balancing love and truth in how we think and talk about transgenderism in athletics. READ FULL THESIS


Abby Hinton, Salutatorian  |  Class of 2021

Abby Hinton

Since the establishment of welfare in America, poverty has remained a pervasive issue that now threatens the economic stability of the country as resources are increasingly devoted to national poverty alleviation efforts. A history of misguided and ineffective programs that have failed to address the underlying causes of poverty have contributed to this trend. In an effort to remedy the current welfare system, the Church must be committed to fulfilling God’s command to care for the poor.  READ FULL THESIS