StoneBridge Upper School students taking a classroom photo together.

How StoneBridge Develops Students into Leaders

StoneBridge School veteran teacher Jeff Carlucci spoke with Dr. Darin Gerdes on The Leader Smith podcast about how StoneBridge’s program and teachers really work to develop our students into leaders.

Carlucci, who has taught at StoneBridge since 1998, explains how SBS focuses on helping students take ownership of their own growth as leaders. This sometimes looks different than traditional leadership programs that focus solely on the end result.

“One of the things I think that we we do, at least I think that we do, differently than other schools is we sincerely give the students the opportunity to lead, and this means that things may lack polish,” Carlucci explained. “You don’t just send them off by themselves. As a faculty, we are there to mentor them.”

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