The StoneBridge Story… Celebrating 40 years!

We had the conviction that the Bible should be the foundation of all learning.

We took our children from the “safe” places that were established but we knew definitely were not safe . . . we placed them in a basement of a home and taught them things we only partly understood as we learned from them.

Why did we do this?

We had the conviction from God that educating the next generation was more than what we saw in the well-equipped facilities and state-approved standards of learning. We had so much more in our hearts for our children. We had the conviction that the Bible should be at the foundation of all learning.

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Moreover, the one essential resource was in our grasp: vision. We owned and shared a vision of Jesus taking up the cause of little children and saying, “Let them come . . .” With this the Lord gave us the faith and courage needed to found a school.

The story of the founding of StoneBridge School is the story of the Gospel at work in a community of parents and children. The founding work bore the mark of the anointing of the Holy Spirit—the freshness, the eternal vision, the worthy qualities and ideals, a holy creativity that unleashed individuals to grow and serve and learn and thrive . . . It is the story of God’s faithfulness and of His absolute and incomprehensible Providence . . . The story must be told today for the benefit of all those who follow and for God’s glory.

-Excerpts from The StoneBridge Standards by Carole Adams with Elizabeth Youmans and Arthur Ricciardi, 2003

The StoneBridge Story began in 1980 and continues in 2021 because parents still have so much more in their hearts for their children. The Building the Future Campaign is for future generations of parents and children that will witness the Gospel at work through a Biblical education.