Special Days/Events

Lower School Events

StoneBridge Special Days, field trips and events include a rich heritage of traditions that sets SBS apart, enhances the educational process, and unites students, faculty and parents. Each grade-specific field trip allows students to experience first-hand the historical, scientific, and cultural opportunities in our area. On special days, classrooms come alive with costumes, authentic foods and crafts, music, visual aids and more.

This hands-on learning encourages students to take ownership of their studies and develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Below are some of the Lower School Special Days and highlights for each year:

School-Wide Events
• Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day
• Liberty Day
• Art Festival
• Spirit Week

Lower School Special Days & Events
• Constitution Day
• Christian Heritage Day
• STEM Day
• Noah’s Ark Day (PS)
• Beatrix Potter Day (K4)
• Pioneer Day (K5)
• Italy Day (1st)
• Heidi Day (2nd)
• Bach Tea Day & Narnia Day (3rd)
• Swiss Family Robinson Day (4th)
• Science Fair, Etiquette Luncheon
• Presidents’ Wax Museum (5th)