Upper School Curriculum Overview

Academic instruction at StoneBridge School includes the notebook methodology, which prepares students with the tools and habits of lifelong scholarship. Students are taught the principles of logic in thinking and reasoning and are required to research using primary sources. Extensive essay writing, research papers, science projects, portfolio projects, and preparation and defense of the Senior Thesis enable our graduates to reason from cause to effect and competently communicate ideas and principles.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in Calculus, Statistics, U.S. History, Government, and Chemistry. A strong foundation in America’s history and government, literary classics, foreign languages, and the interdisciplinary study of the fine arts, enables our students to compete successfully with their peers around the nation for college entrance and scholarship awards.


Students have the option of earning the Advanced Studies Diploma (college preparatory) or the General Studies Diploma. The requirements for each diploma are listed below for grades 9th-12th.  Contact the Director of Admissions at for the full catalog of Upper School courses!


SBS Graduation Requirements




Bible mastery is the objective, emphasizing the understanding of the basic doctrines of the Bible, as well as the individual’s commitment and service to Christ. The principles of logic are woven throughout the curriculum. Mastering effective and lucid expression for defending the student’s worldview, for propagating the Gospel, and for successful enterprise in daily life undergird all class discussions and assignments. Seniors will have a seminar style course, which challenges them to higher-level thinking, as well as broadens their understanding of the Bible’s application to all of life.

English & Literature

Two years of English Literature and two years of American Literature are required for graduation. The emphasis is on expository and creative writing, refining the mechanics of language, vocabulary, thinking skills, articulate speech, oral presentation, debate, and research. Two significant research papers, using APA format, are required—one in English Literature and the twenty to twenty-five page Senior Thesis.


The mathematics curriculum is designed to prepare our students for their role in becoming our nation’s future leaders and fulfilling God’s cultural mandate found in Genesis 1:28. We recognize that mathematics plays a vital role in our world today and thus we endeavor to prepare our students for the challenges they will face in that realm. Through our curriculum, students grow closer to our Creator, the Author of Mathematics. They also become precise thinkers that can reason from cause to effect in real-life problem situations, and they learn to use mathematics in everyday life. Our courses range from Glencoe Mathematics Course 1 in the fifth grade all the way through Advance Placement Calculus. We have various pathways that a student can take according to his ability and interest level.


The StoneBridge science curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid understanding and appreciation of life and physical sciences, recognizing God as Creator and sustainer of the universe. Each science course develops observation, analytical reasoning, and research skills through inquiry and regular lab work. Courses offered include General Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Integrated Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics. Honors and AP courses are available at the higher grade levels.


Universal History, Modern History, United States History, Government and Economics are taught with an emphasis on comparing and contrasting worldviews and leading students to embrace a Biblical worldview. The application of a Biblical worldview governmentally has brought about the greatest liberty to man and nations. Sophomores are required to complete a biographical Portfolio Project, and each junior is required to do extensive research and present an Oration to complete the requirements for the course.

Modern & Classical Languages

Building on the elementary grade courses of French, students may choose between:

  • French—Four years and Honors French V
  • Spanish—Four years

Fine & Performing Arts

An appreciation for the fine and performing arts is cultivated through elective classes. Fine and performing arts serve to strengthen students’ skills and talents, as well as encourage individual creativity inspired by the Creator. Fine and performing arts courses include:

  • Art—Designed to give students a life-long love for art and beauty as viewed through a Christian perspective; courses include Foundations of Color and Design, Technique and Design Development, Communication through the Visual Arts, Advanced Art Theory and Applications, and Yearbook.
  • Drama—Produces two or more productions each year, ranging from classical and contemporary plays, to musical theatre. Students learn about theatre primarily through hands-on experience in acting, musical theatre, theatre history, costuming, set design, stage management and technical theatre.
  • Music—Band and Chorus are offered with numerous school performance opportunities.

Physical Education

Physical education is required for all 9th and 10th grade students. To receive credit, each must participate in a JV or Varsity level sport each year. This provides more time for academics during the school day. An additional Physical Fitness course is also available as an elective.